I’m a heavy smoker and smoking was killing me and I wanted to get rid of this but couldn’t do much about it. But as I started using Regal E Cigs, I’m feeling much better. It is a healthy way to smoke. I haven’t smoked any real cigarettes in the past few weeks though there are urges to light one up. But when I take a puff of the E cig the urge goes away. This is one the best thing because I’ve been using the product for long. Today I’m going to review this product.

What is the Product all about?

These are the electronic cigarettes especially designed for heavy smokers and the normal smokers who badly want to quit smoking for their health. These cigs has helped many people quit the unhealthy way of smoking and it gives you liberty to smoke anywhere. Now you can smoke in a healthy way without affecting your body and others.

This is a Safe and Healthy Option!

Regal E Cigs are healthy as they are free from harmful chemicals or any kind of unhealthy components. There is no tobacco, no tar and no other stuffing that can affect your internal body parts.

What is in the Starter Kit?

  • A Premium Long-Life Lithium Ion Battery

  • You get five Nicotine Cartomizers

  • One USB Battery Charger

  • You get a Wall Charger

  • One stylish Carrying Case

  • You get a user manual

  • And a gift box with it

How Does it Work?

It has natural compounds so when the smoker inhales that activates a heating compound and vaporize the nicotine. And when you exhale it you exhale the harmless vapor which is completely safe for you and people around you.

What are the Benefits of Smoking with it?

  • This helps you save thousands of dollars

  • No odor or any oral problem

  • Some anywhere without breaking rules

  • Chargeable cigs and easy to use

Available in Different Flavors!

These electronic cigarettes are available in five different flavors that are…

  • Classic tobacco

  • Espresso bean

  • Minty menthol

  • Very vanilla

  • Cherry blast

  • And also a Variety pack

Why would I Suggest this?

I would suggest Regal E Cigs to all who want to quit smoking and want to stay fit and healthy. These cigs are completely safe to use and they are free from any kind of tobacco.

Where to Buy?

You can order a pack online by visiting the official site of Regal E Cigs.